From Proud Mary to Naziland (from the French Musical Starmania)

A little part of a memorable show under the direction of the gifted Pierre-Armand Tremblay, with 12 musicians and a wonderfully captive audience; a beautiful event in 2016!

Chantalina l’Italiana

Here are a few excerpts from a private performance by Chantalina l’Italiana, me who must have been Italian in another life … I am passionate about Italy since university, where I learned opera and even received a scholarship to study there.

French Jazz Lounge show

French Jazz Lounge show with, among others, Pierre-Armand Tremblay at piano and Jean-Francois Gagnon (of the Belle et Bum TV show) on trumpet, 2013.  Absolute vocal improv freedom.  What a gift to be so well surrounded, both on stage and off.

During a show with Jean Lapointe

During a show with Jean Lapointe. What a privilege it was to rub shoulders with this great man !

Great gig in the sky

Great Gig in the Sky, Live at the Cabaret-Théâtre of the Old St-Jean, 2011. After viewing that video (eventhough I hate watching myself !), I told myself that I could keep on singing…I truly soared that evening, outside of myself, and all that without illegal drugs!


Promotional Corporate dvd

I’m an entertainer and I love it !

This is rather cliché but so smart :
Special requests!

All songs found in this video were requested by the public with their own choice of style.  You will find Hawaïenne as a lullaby or Une chance qu’on s’a Disco-style.  Nothing was rehearsed, everything was improvised ! Warning : the quality of the video has nothing to do with the amazing performance ! ;-)

A special thank you to Marc Stever of Communication SRVA

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